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The ability to deliver a quality product or performance is directly tied to great preparation. There’s no better way to illustrate this point than by using the old adage “Measure Twice, Cut Once.” The meaning behind this phrase is very powerful, part of which can also be attributed to its…

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The Hijacking

Many have said that memories are fleeting, but this particular memory needs to stick around for awhile, or at least long enough to figure out if any value can be extracted from the mayhem and pain of it.

Maybe it’s all a bad dream and not a memory at all…

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Returning to the Source [Oberon]

Prior to leaving Lunar Base 25, a recurring thought began to surface insinuating that the trail I’m following doesn’t make complete sense, although training and experience tells me other. …

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Moon Base Lunar25 Transfer Station

When I finally arrived on Moon Base Lunar25, my first thought after exiting the landing pod was just how dark dreary and cold this place is. As I stared into the darkness of a somewhat distant lunar cliffside, I thought about how the numbingly quiet atmosphere outside on the moons…

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Time to Go

Birthdays normally come and go without much recognition but this one was a doozy. I wish losing count was an option, I’d at least have an excuse to lie about my age if it were. Fortunately the year 2775 is going well even if I don’t much like the fact…

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Visit to HQ And the Fedora Xtamemory Archives

Visiting HQ always feels eerily like walking into a trap. I’ve felt this way on past visits to HQ and recognize that it stems from my nontraditional path into the organization. …

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I’m going to make this brief and outline my strongest thoughts and reflections on how the pandemic has affected me thus far in bullet format:

• I just got off the phone (13-Mar-21) with my health care provider. I tried to schedule an out of phase Covid-19 vaccine appointment based…

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