My 2020 COVID-19 Reflections

Eric Fermon™
2 min readMar 13, 2021
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I’m going to make this brief and outline my strongest thoughts and reflections on how the pandemic has affected me thus far in bullet format:

• I just got off the phone (13-Mar-21) with my health care provider. I tried to schedule an out of phase Covid-19 vaccine appointment based on my wife having just received an invitation to be vaccinated out of phase. We both have the same health care provider and are the same age (60). I was unsuccessful.

• I advised a friend yesterday that he should receive the vaccination. He called to get my perspective (pros and cons) on whether he should get vaccinated. He’s skeptical and has COPD and is terrified of becoming a victim based on numerous conspiracy theories.

• Extremely happy to report that no major COVID related health issues were experienced in my extended family, although I had numerous conversations with junior family members about staying positive and how to incorporate healthy distractions into their life during the dark and uncertain days of mid-2020.

• I work for a telecommunications company and was working from home already, nothing to report here.

• I was just starting an on-line business selling custom Bowling Jersey’s ( when the pandemic shut down all local bowling centers and effectively forced my startup business into dormancy.

• My financial status wasn’t affected — other than the time and money invested to get my online business functioning. However, I’m still dismayed by the fact that many Americans have received and will continue to receive COVID relief money from the government and I have not received a nickel.

• I personally started drinking way too much alcohol during 2020 and still drinking more than I should on a regular basis today. The only positive I can extract out of this change in behavior is that I don’t have to drive much these days.

• The counter to my increased drinking was the quiet schedule of no events and regular activities that allowed me to establish a more regular exercise and healthy eating regime — validating that there really are two sides to every coin.

• 2020 allowed for lots of personal reflection time, hence my return to writing and journaling has been a welcome blessing. Thank you Medium for proving this medium!

Eric Fermon™

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